Core Team Roles

There are 7 roles on the core team and you can find out more about each of them below. All core team members must also:

  • Be members of UK Scout Association
  • Be able to attend the event
  • Be able to attend training event/meetings
  • Be able to attend Core Team meetings every two months
  • Communicate regularly by e-mail and phone
  • Undertake any training required for the role

The closing date for Core Team Applications is 31st October 2018


Lead a programme for the event including:

  • Lead a programme team
  • Devise, plan and lead the programme (both day and if appropriate evening/free time activities
  • Hire/ sourcing of equipment
  • Sourcing permit holders/ activity leaders
  • Kit list and advising participants/ parents on required kit
  • Activities risk assessment, especially self-led activities
  • Deliver the above within agreed budget


Lead the catering for the event including:

  • Manage a team of people responsible for feeding all members of the trip
  • Produce rota of kitchen staff
  • Create detailed menu – including quantities and costs per meal and ensuring special dietary requirements are catered for
  • Provide sufficient nutritious and suitable food for a physically demanding event
  • Generate list, and with logistics lead, help source required catering equipment and associated tentage, tables, benches, gas etc
  • Provide ingredients for any potential overnight stays and meals for driver where required
  • Kitchen risk assessment including hygiene and fire planning
  • Deliver the above within agreed budget


Lead the logistics for the event including:

  • Transport
    • Source and book all required transport
    • Ensure adequate insurance and breakdown cover for all vehicles
    • Complete transport survey of all participants
    • Seek parking arrangements with site
    • Liaise with programme team to provide on event transport needs
    • Liaise with catering, activity and camping leads to ensure transport of equipment requirements are met
    • Identify required drivers for vehicles
    • Provide guidance to drivers re. driving in Europe
    • Create travel pack for each vehicle
    • Hospitality of coach drivers
    • Travel risk assessment
  • Group Kit
    • Working with other core team members, source the necessary kit for the event
    • Ensure adequate insurance of all kit
    • Branded Items
  • Create event badge/ logo
  • Procurement of an event badge, necker and polo/ t-shirt
  • Offer a service for participants to purchase extra clothing items
  • Deliver the above within agreed budget


Lead the administration for the event including:

  • Event registration and personal data – including medical needs, dietary requirements, passports, ehic cards etc
  • Booking and registration for pre-event meetings and training
  • Responsible for one central database
  • General printing and postage, as required
  • InTouch System
  • Data risk assessment
  • Ensure all adults have a valid DBS certificate
  • Deliver the above within agreed budget


Lead the communication for the event including:

  • Comms to young people / adults / internally in Scouting / externally for publicity
  • Comms onsite (involving others) e.g. photographs, update social media, blog etc.
  • Creation of monthly newsletter
  • Website development and updating
  • Manage Social Media
  • Deliver the above within agreed budget


Lead the budgeting process including:

  • Manage bank account
  • Record income and expenditure
  • Procurement of other currencies
  • Ensure methods for on-event payments are in place, including unscheduled emergency payments
  • Monitor income and ensure participants stick to payment schedule
  • Make payments as required and obtaining relevant documentation
  • General liaison with site office
  • Book and liaise with Unity Insurance
  • Financial security risk assessment


Lead on the care of young people on the event including:

  • Create teams in which young people will operate, all with at least one adult (team leader)
  • Allocate participants to tents
  • Produce campsite layout plan, ensuring all tentage and infrastructure fit within allocated area
  • Liaise with programme team to ensure participants know where they need to be, when and what kit they need to take
  • Responsible for providing/ ensuring participant care, cleanliness and hygiene, general support, pastoral and health care and first level first aid
  • Procure central first aid kits and wider medical/ healthcare products
  • Ensure everyone is accounted for and back on campsite by required time, lights out and quiet
  • Code of conduct
  • Alcohol, drugs and smoking policy
  • General campsite risk assessment
  • Deliver the above within agreed budget