Beavers visit Gullivers World

Beaver District Trip to Gullivers World: Sat 18th June:

On Saturday 18th June, colonies from 37th, 42nd, 44th 45th and 53rd visited Gullivers World theme park in Warrington.

For a change, this was a scouting event without the rain!! Despite this we did get wet, although that was only due to the log flume. All the Beavers had a thoroughly enjoyable time, with some children (and adults) going on up to 30 rides each. Needless to say long queues were seldom experienced. Never before have people pleaded not to have to go on another ride.

The day passed without any major problems. Several groups of Beavers from the 37th did however need to be rescued from the Indiana Jones ride after one of the tigers decided to land on the track. I was reassured that no screams were heard from the children at the time!!!

Many thanks from everyone to Ann M who organised the trip.

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