What do you what for your children?

Expect More is a campaign by The Scout Association to show people what Scouting offers to young people of the UK. It highlights the Impact of Scouting showing how involving young people in outdoor activities can improve their quality of life.

‘Young people who have participated in a youth or sport club such as Scouting are less likely to drink or smoke, more likely to participate in physical activity, more likely to have a good relationship with other adults in their community, more likely to have parents who trust them and more likely to be engaged in their schooling’
NfP Synergy Report: Typical Young People

Chief Scout Bear Grylls said, “I want the public to know how Scouting continues to open young people’s eyes to a world of extraordinary promise and possibilities.”

Scouting is all about offering young people amazing life-changing opportunities. If you would like to volunteer your time or would like your child to join visit www.scout.org.uk/join

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