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Please fill in the following information to send an enquiry about a booking to the Climbing Team.  Remember, we can support climbing at:

  • The District Climbing Wall
  • Awesome Walls in Liverpool
  • Outdoor quarries in Lancashire
  • Sectional and Group events
  • Crags further afield.  Just ask!

When booking please include your proposed dates, times, and number of participants. Note that at the Pump House we can accommodate a maximum of 12 participants per session (though where possible we can run 2 sessions back to back).

Please also note that we have a limited pool of instructors.  On receipt of your request we will do our best to provide instructors, and if this isn’t possible we’ll let you know.  However please do not assume that you have a confirmed booking unless you have received a confirmation email with dates and locations.  If you’re unsure, get in touch.  Thanks!

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