Dungeons and Dragons

This event is essentially a Cub/ Scout skills day aimed at linking and moving on. The team should ideally consist of 2 Cubs and 2 Scouts, however we don’t like being too rigorous if you want to send 3 of each that’s fine. Scouts must be under 12 ½ years and the Cubs over 9 ½ years and should be capable of swimming to Cub swimmer stage 2 or equivalent standard.

All bases must be completed as a team to continue through the challenge and solve the Dungeons and Dragons puzzle. Some of the bases are simple problem solving. With each base completed you will be given a reward card allowing you to travel onto the next base. The basic skills they need will be:

1) Basic compass work
2) Tying a rope, abseiling
3) Simple first aid
4) Simple pioneering
5) Tracking
6) Backwoods cooking

The teams will be able to purchase some cards from the trading post. But will need to earn money by selling certain items, i.e. sing national anthem, or recite promise. Tie a reef knot or setting a map. Example of base. They will need to feed a hungry hermit with a sausage. If he is feed they will be rewarded with a rope card. They will then find a shepherd who has lost his sheep down an embankment. If you complete this you will be rewarded with a canoe card and so on.

The event is promoted in the start of each year.

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