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Pre-Camp Information

With just over a week and a half to go, we hope your plans for The Gathering are coming along. Let’s hope we have a little more sunshine than the rain and mud of the last week!

Here are the final details for the camp, including camping areas, so you can communicate to parents.


Camp Set Up

Rock and River have very kindly agreed to give us access to the site from Thursday, so that tents and mess tents can be erected. NOTE: They will have commercial visitors on site that day, so please be aware of this to make sure we don’t disturb them.

Attached is a copy of the site map, showing where each Group has been allocated for camping.

This will also be displayed on site, so please mention this to parents, so they know where to take their child!

Remember! Mess tents should be near to the walkways, as this gives better access during the International Marketplace on Saturday night.



Each Group will be allocated an area on the camping field to pitch camp, based on the number of people they are bringing. Please don’t spread out too much, to ensure we can fit all groups onto the one field.

Walkways will be marked out, which ensure clear access and egress. Please don’t encroach onto these when pitching camp, as these are needed in case of emergency.


Car Parking

As you know, the access on and off the site at Rock & River is restricted, and as such, we ask for your cooperation in reducing the number of vehicles being brought onto the site, as last year we had a higher volume of cars than expected, both during drop off and collection, and also vehicles staying for the weekend.

Please, PLEASE can we encourage you to get your young people to share lift’s. Leaders staying for the weekend – please can you also share lifts! We really do need to reduce the number of cars coming on and off the site, to minimise waiting times, and congestion on the surrounding roads.

Parking for Leaders cars will be either in the main car park – which isn’t extensive, or around the back of the site on the track, just past the High Ropes course. Vehicles will be accessible, and able to leave the site during the weekend, but they will not interfere with the event when parked in the designated parking areas.

As with young people, please PLEASE share lifts where possible.

You are being asked to confirm the number of vehicles parking for the weekend, with your final booking & confirmed numbers. This will be used to produce parking permits for each group, which will need to be displayed on the dashboard, and will have space for the vehicle owner to write in their Group, section, name and contact number, should we need to get hold of you.



Arrival & Departure

Rock and River Staff will manage the access and egress from the site.

Arrival on Friday night for young people is from 6:30pm onwards. If everyone arrives at this time, it’s likely to be very busy and congested, so if you want to stagger it slightly, it will hopefully reduce waiting times for parents getting on and off the site.

A site map, showing where each Group has been allocated for camping, will be displayed at the end of the car park nearest the camping field, to help people find their way.



Water points will be in the same places as the last 2 years, a permanent tap is on the outside of the Bunk Barn building, and a hose tap will be set up on the edge of the camp field, for those that don’t want to walk too far!



There are 2 permanent toilet blocks –

Downstairs at the far end of the Bunk Barn

By the lake

There will also be some portaloos at the end of the car park. As in previous years, these will be kept locked during the day, and opened at night, so there is less distance to walk to the loo in the dark.


Tuck Shop

Rock and River’s tuck shop selling sweets will be in operation over the weekend, so some spending money is optional!



You are able to have fires in your own camp areas, as long as the fire is contained and not directly on the ground. You will need to bring a firepit/barrel with you, along with wood etc. The Farmer does have a small quantity of dry logs to purchase if you need to.


International Marketplace (Saturday Night)

Each Group should have chosen a country by now, and the evening’s entertainment will be for the young people to travel around the camp sites to take part in activities themed around the chosen countries – the idea is to have games, food or crafts etc. This worked really well last year, and there was some really good inventive activities.

There needs to be a minimum of 3-5 activities per group (although more are welcome!), aimed at all sections, as there will be a small number of Beavers camping.



This will be open from 7-9pm in the Dining Room (downstairs of the barn).  This is when we need payment and ‘Medical Forms’ (for all adults and young people).

Cheques are payable to Ormskirk & District Scouts.


Please have the Medical Forms in alphabetical order – Please use the Gathering Forms as they are designed to fit 1 side of A4, reducing waste and helping to keep forms together!

To reduce the administration burden of the event, we would prefer to receive all the forms for one group at the same time and would prefer one payment per group, rather than individual sections.

Day visitors can be registered and paid for either on Friday evening, or on their arrival on Saturday. Day visitors will keep their own Medical Forms whilst on site.

If you have any queries, please ask.

Lets hope for good weather and a great weekend!

If you have any questions in the meantime, please get in touch     gathering@ormskirkscouts.org.uk

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