Walking can be enjoyed by all sections in Scouting, and pitched correctly, can give a fantastic experience and opportunity for youngsters.

Sample Activity for Beavers

  • Purpose – Find an ancient windmill & nature walk
  • Location – Harrock Hill from Cedar Farm
  • Route – 1
  • Permit required? No.
  • Time – 2-3 hours.
  • Areas to cover – basic navigation skills, road safety, footpaths and bridleways, different environments (farmed fields/wild areas/abandoned buldings)

Sample Activity for Cubs

  • Purpose – Forest of Bowland, the Dun Cow of Longridge, and sense of place in West Lancashire.
  • Location – ParlickĀ – Trough of Bowland & gliding centre
  • Route
  • Permit required? Not if stick to summit and descend.
  • Time – 2-3 hours
  • Areas to cover – navigation skills, country code, navigating by landmarks.