1. Why Kandersteg? Kandersteg International Scout Centre is the World Centre of the World Organisation of the Scout Movement (WOSM). The Centre began in 1923 with Lord Baden-Powell, who, after the first World Scout Jamboree, had a dream about a place where all Scouts from all over the world could meet: the Permanent Mini Jamboree. His dream came true and now YOU have the opportunity to visit Kandersteg International Scout Centre and live YOUR Dream!
  2. Where is it? Kandersteg is in the Swiss Alps, near to Bern.  The village nestles in the valley floor, surrounded by impressive mountains with glaciers, alpine lakes and lots of stunning scenery.
  3. What activities are on offer? We are providing a few different programmes, aimed at a range of ages of people.  there will be a ‘water’ themed day, which may involve white water rafting for some, or Canyoning for others.  Full details will be available closer to the trip.  Some sure-fire activities will include hiking, rock-climbing, a dry-slope sledge run, alpine swimming, a cultural exploration day and the big party on 1st August, which is both National Swiss day as well as the annually celebrated birthday of Scouting.
  4. Why are you saying the cost is approx. £650? As we are promoting this trip two years in advance, there is a lot of scope for prices to change, particularly in relation to travel.  If we ran this trip in 2015, we are confident that we could do this at a cost of £650, but there is a chance that flights or ferry costs may rise, as well as the UK-Swiss exchange rate fluctuations.  We will need to ask participants for a deposit on registration, but the full cost will be published and shared with all around 12 months before departure.  We are also purposefully taking applications 18 months before the trip, to allow groups and individuals time to fundraise for the trip.
  5. As a leader, I can’t make it but some of my section want to go. The trip is open to all, so if a leader can’t make it, we still want the young people to come and have fun! We’ll ensure that the correct numbers of leaders are looking after the youngsters throughout the week, and they can return to you after the trip and show you lots of pictures!
  6. Are you really taking Beavers?  Yes, but in order for a Beaver to attend, we are asking a parent to accompany them.
  7. How can I arrange a promotion evening? Either register your interest for the event, make a posting on the Facebook page or email the team to arrange a short presentation for your section.
  8. What are the travel arrangements?  Good question. We’re looking at providing a ‘package’ including transport and food, but if a group of Scouters wish to arrange their own transport – this may be a group of Explorers taking a couple of days in Paris on the way out, or a Scout troop doing London in 24 hrs on the return leg – then we are providing flexibility for that.  For everyone coming on the package deal, we’re looking at all options, trying to find the cheapest price that gives us the maximum time in-country.  This may be Air, coach or train – and we will confirm in the summer of 2016.  The reason for this is that the travel companies won’t give us a binding quote more than 12 months ahead, given the current uncertainty with cross-border controls in Europe.
  9. My child doesn’t know many people on the trip but wants to come. No problem, we’re putting on a training weekend before the trip, so that all the youngsters get a chance to meet everyone else before we leave. We’ll also look to cover some basic activities on this weekend too, and it’ll be around Spring 2017 when we put this on.
  10. What are the payment arrangements?  Bookings are open from January 2016 onwards. A non refundable deposit of £150 is due by 31st march for each participant booking at this time. Each subsequent month £50 will be due, or £150 every third month. If people register after the end of March 2016, then they are required to lay the £150 deposit plus all ‘missed’ payments up to this point.
  11. How can we pay? We are recommending people set up a standing order where possible. If not, we can take BACS transfers or cheques. We will not be handling cash as a payment method unless families are unable to pay by other means.
  12. I’ve got a child younger than Beaver age & would like to bring them.  If a family with one or more young people in Scouting wish to come, and there’s a younger sibling then this is fine, with some warnings.  Our programme will not be designed for this age range, and it is likely that much of the planned programme will be unsuitable for them.  As such, any siblings would not be charged for the programme, and they will need to be supervised by a parent at all times.  Any parts of the programme participated in by the parent and sibling will need to be charged for on the event.
  13. I’m a parent of a member of Scouting in Ormskirk District Scouts and would like to come.  This trip is aimed predominately at the youth membership in Ormskirk and District Scouts, from ages 6-25.  However, we recognise that parents may be wary of letting their children travel abroad without them. Indeed, Beavers cannot come on this trip unless a parent accompanies them.  In order for a parent to come on this trip, they will need a ‘role’ on the event (working in the kitchens, assisting on subcamp, helping with programme), as well as being a member of the Scouting Association. Families should understand that this is a programmed event, and that all members on the event will be following a strict programme for the duration of the trip.
  14. What’s the deal with Insurance? People signing up to the full package will be insured from departure to return in West Lancs, with all activities covered.  Groups or parties of Scouters making their own way there can be covered by the Unity policy if the trips’ duration us under 14 days and the whole trip is regarding as ‘Scouting’ in nature. Families making their own way there will only be covered for their time on the event at Kandersteg, and will need to arrange their own travel insurance.
  15. We really can’t afford this trip but my child would like to go.  No Scout should be disadvantaged because of financial circumstances.  If you know someone who wants to attend then together we can make this happen.  In the first instance please speak to your leader who can provide some advice and support.
  16. We have a large ‘pod’ type tent. Can we bring that? The camping spaces are allocated around April 2017 by Kandersteg.  With the current uncertainty about method of travel and hence volume of luggage that can be taken, we are recommending that all campers look to spend the week in 2-3 man hike tents.  We’ll no doubt be able to take some larger ones as well, but it’s pretty unlikely we’ll be able to hand Icelandic type patrol tents or palacial family tents.  As soon as we can advise more on this, we’ll let you know.
  17. You say that adults need to have a role on the event. What roles are there? This will depend on the number of campers that come.  We’ll need a squad of caterers, we’ll need people to assist with activities (crowd control etc), we’ll have a small admin team on the go … we may evan need drivers when we get closer to the event and nail down the finite detail.  As with anything Scouting based, it really does ‘depend’ on the numbers that sign up.
  18. Will we be able to do all the activities? There are a great number of activities to do at Kandersteg, and we’re aiming to do a lot of them! However, there will be some activities that can only take a fixed number of people.  By some clever scheduling, we are intending on getting as many people onto their preferred activities as possible. However, we are there at the busiest time of the year, so it is unlikely we’ll get first choice on all the events!  We will be working with the Kandersteg staff to ensure our activity bookings arrive with their office on the day they sort them all out for summer.