Solstice 2014


Solstice will take place on the Friday 23rd – Sunday 25th June 2017 and the event

is open to Scouts maximum age 14 years and 6 months on the day of event.

Scouts aged older than 14 years and 2 months will receive a handicap to

even out the competition.

At least one Scout from each team must be able to navigate, use a

map & compass, understand 8 & 10 fig grid references and have a good

understanding of first aid. GPS technology is permitted in this competition.

Scouts will participate in teams, with a minimum patrol size of four and

a maximum of six. Teams can contain a young leader or adult (maximum

team size 7) but will be classed as a training team and therefore will be

competing for the training team trophy.

The focus of the event is how the teams perform and function as a team

not as individuals. Points are awarded for Geo-Cache found, activity bases

completed, construction of the bivvy including recognisable knots used,

dinning shelter, breakfast menu and cooking methods/styles, camp gadgets,

tidiness and helpfulness around the camp.

Solstice is an enormous “game” of cat & mouse very similar to Moonlight

with the exception that the teams are “hunting” and navigating their way

around a controlled area to find Geo-caches and activity bases whilst also

being hunted by catchers. The size of the controlled area this year is approx

4500 hectares, with a perimeter boundary just over 35Km.

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