Adventurous Activity Permits – support for funding

Funding is available from Gilwell HQ for permit assessment courses to get an adventurous activity permit. This funding covers 50% of any course fees and 50% of travel costs. It does not cover equipment or accommodation unless they are included within the course fee, and does not cover first aid courses as they are not a requirement for holding an activity permit, or activity training courses. It is not funding for attending National Governing Body courses, unless you will also receive a Scout Association activity permit from the course.

In return for this funding, applicants are required to carry out their role of an activity permit holder running activities for a minimum of two years.

Applications should be sent to Gilwell Park using the form available from:

Submissions need to include course receipts and receipts for travel costs, including fuel receipts for car journeys (the fuel receipts do not need to be for the amount claimed in fuel, as this will be worked out based on the mileage). Submissions without receipts cannot be paid.

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