Extra opportunities for adults in Scouting: sports, skills and activities.

Tailor your own Big Adventure to fit. Whether you’re looking for a sport to pursue for your Duke of Edinburgh or Queen’s Scout Award or simply fancy trying something out for the first time, trained instructors are available right here. Talk about your ideas with Chris or your training adviser at your validation meetings, chat to our ADC (Activities), Ash Green, or contact the teams direct.
The District Archery Team provides bookable evening sessions for youngsters throughout the district, as well as appearing at day events and camps. If you would like to hone your skills as an archer, perhaps looking for a sport to pursue for your Duke of Edinburgh or Queen’s Scout Award, you can train with the team which meets on the 2nd Monday of every month at HQ from 7.30 – 9 pm. All leaders are welcome to come along and have a go: just let them know to expect you so they have an idea of numbers, using the Archery Booking Form.

Want to add Rifle shooting to your skill set?
The District Shooting Team regularly appears at Cub Camp and District Family camps as well as offering evening sessions on the new range at District HQ by arrangement. Team members have gained the certificates necessary to lead these sessions through training organised by County Scouts under control of the National Small Bore Rifle Association. Cubs, Scouts and Explorers get chances to try it out – and so can you. Click here to contact the team. 

Caving opportunities are currently being developed in the district, under the wing of the county training team, with provision for all ages – special training has been arranged during 2011 for Beaver Scout Leaders. See also: >Activities>Caving or contact ADC (Scouts).

The District Climbing Team regularly runs sessions for youngsters at our own climbing wall and elsewhere and is keen to see new faces – if only for crowd control. With a well equipped and busy venue to manage, including bookings, and competitions to arrange, there is currently an opportunity for an adult with organising and team skills to help keep things running smoothly. Climbing training can also be arranged. More information is available on the Climbing page.
Kayak and canoe training: The District has a team of qualified instructors who are able to deliver evening sessions within the area as well as organising expeditions to the Lakes and further afield. Leaders who’d like to get involved are encouraged to take a six session training course followed by two assessment outings, leading to a BCU 2 Star certificate. Training restarts in October at Nye Bevan Pool (Skelmersdale) – initially 8-9pm on Tuesdays. Contact John (Quartermaster of 51st).

Look out for this occasional series of special sessions and weekends:

Get lost! map-reading
Get knotted! pioneering
Get stuffed! camp catering
Get away! module 38, residential experiences

You will also pick up a lot of scouting skills at the fun days and camps. Enjoy!

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