District International Scout Fund

Many young people get a chance to travel abroad during their scouting career, on trips organised at district or county level.   News of opportunities to get involved is spread through email pathways or at meetings.

Ormskirk District Scout members under the age of 25 who are fundraising for a trip may be eligible to apply for a grant from our International Scout Fund. The main question to ask yourself is, “Will this trip enhancethe reputation of scouting?”   Full terms and conditions are outlined in the CRITERIA document and there is a straightforward  APPLICATION FORM – right click to download and save both to your hard-drive.

The subcommittee arranges three meetings a year.

If the next application deadline will be too late for your event, the Exec. Committee may be able to help, so submit your form but also get in touch to explain the situation, whether through your section leader or ADC.

Bear Grylls says Go For It!

The West Lancashire Scouts International Team hosts an annual International Evening and also produces occasional newsletters, reporting on trips abroad and highlighting opportunities coming up. Your global activities don’t have to involve travel though – the team includes people who have scouting contacts in other countries, for penpal or email links. For specific enquiries, you could contact the ACC International.

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