Available Training Modules

Getting Started
To be completed by all new adults to Scouting before Appointment can be made full
Module 1 Essential Information
Module 2 Complete a Personal Learning Plan
Module 3 Tools for the Job (for Section Leader appointments)
Module 4 Tools for the Job (for Manager appointments)
All Appointments
To be completed by all adults in Scouting
Module 5 Fundamental Values
Module 6 Changes in Scouting
Module 7 Valuing Diversity
Module 8 Skills of Leadership
Module 9 Working with adults
Module 10 First Aid
Section Specific Modules
To be completed by all adults in Section Leader and Assistant Leader roles
Module 11 Administration
Module 12 Providing a balanced programme
Module 13 Growing the Movement (Section Leaders)
Module 14 Young People Today
Module 15 Challenging Behaviour
Module 16 Nights Away
Module 17 Activities Outdoors
Module 18 Practical Skills
Module 19 International
Manager Modules
To be completed by all adults in Manager roles (GSLs, DCs, ADCs etc)
Module 20 Administration (Managers)
Module 21 Growing the Movement (Managers)
Module 22 Section Support
Module 23 Safety for Managers
Module 24 Managing Adults
Module 25 Assessing Learning
Module 26 Supporting Adults

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