There are several very successful annual events run by Ormskirk Scouts.  Here are just a few, to give a flavour of the variety of things on offer.


This is an evasion exercise – a big game of “hide and seek”.  Originally created as a training game for Alcatraz, its success has rocketed in recent years.  Moonlight happens in late January each year, and teams of Scouts and Explorers try to get from A to B without getting caught, and arrive within a time window.  It is normal to have over 400 people on this event, and lasts for around 9 hours.


Alcatraz is a larger version of Moonlight, run in early July for Explorer Scouts and Scout Network members.  It is 24 hours long, and teams often cover 30 miles on their route.  This has been running for over 20 years and is a firm favourite in the annual calendar.


The Ormskirk Gathering is THE event to be on!  It is a weekend camp which is open to all members of the District.  Cubs, Scouts, Explorers and Network camp over for the weekend, Beavers come along as day visitors on the Saturday – the whole weekend is a non-stop programme of fun events for all!  The Gathering runs in Mid-September